Monday, July 7, 2014
Studio to myself today #makingcomics #studio #workspace

Studio to myself today #makingcomics #studio #workspace

New page is up on Take off!

New page is up on Take off!


Fairy Tales do not inform children that there is such things as monsters. Children already know that there are monsters. What Fairy Tales really teach is that monsters can be transformed or destroyed.

- Paraphrasing G.K. Chesterton

The Namesake team has been hard at work : we’ve been secretly plotting to launch an anthology Kickstarter in August. and THIS is the first official announcement!

Introducing Valor - a fairy tale anthology about courageous heroines produced by a team of amazing fairy-tale loving creators!

Valor is an anthology of re-imaged fairy tales showcasing the talent of some of the top creators in the field of digital comics. The purpose of this book is to pay homage to the strength, resourcefulness, and cunning of female heroines in fairy tales. Some of these are recreations of time-honored tales. Others are brand new stories, designed to be passed to future generations.

The anthology will be young adult friendly and in color, each story being 4 to 15 pages long.


+ Morgan Beem - Ink Wielder Extraordinaire

+ Meaghan Carter - Creator of Take Off

+ Kadi Fedoruk - Creator of Blindsprings

+ Megan Kearney - Creator of the Beauty and the Beast

+ Isabelle Melançon - Co-creator of Namesake

+ Laura Neubert - Lover of all things revolutionnary

+ Emily Hann - Composer of backgrounds

+ Sara Goetter - Creator of the short comic Haircut

+ Annie Stoll - Creator of Ode

+ Michelle Krivanek - Creator of Alice and the Nightmare

+ Nicole Chartrand - Creator of Feywinds

+ Jayd Ait-Kaci - Creator of Small Town Witch

+ Justin Lanjil - Master of colors

+ Ran Brown - Creator of The End

+ Elena “Yamino” Barbarich - Creator of Sister Claire

+ Angelica Maria Lopez - Creator of Solstoria

We also have an amazing writing team working with some of the artists and writing prose :

+ Megan Lavey-Heaton - Co-creator of Namesake

+ Tim Ferrera - Writer of Ode

+ Alex Singer - Author of Sfeer Theory

+ Joanne Webster - Forger of words

+ Ash “Summerlightning” Barnes - Co-writer of Sister Claire


Launch is scheduled for August 1st, follow this tumblr, or the numerous’ artists tumblr, or the #valor anthology tag for more information.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


The Mata Mata Turtle

Found mostly in South America. Its shell resembles bark, and its head resembles fallen leaves, making it an expert at camouflage. It is also an expert at looking like my nightmares.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

read today’s Take off! with a friend


read today’s Take off! with a friend

read today’s Take off! with a friend

read today’s Take off! with a friend

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Waiting for a package for sister. Do you know this flower? #fairytale #art #illustration #comics #comicart #drawing #coloring #flowers

Waiting for a package for sister. Do you know this flower? #fairytale #art #illustration #comics #comicart #drawing #coloring #flowers

Monday, June 30, 2014
Panel one of my submission for the Valor Anthology!

Panel one of my submission for the Valor Anthology!




This is some design work I did for savvyliterate and secondlina for an upcoming project they are currently putting together. The sword and swordless coloured versions pull together several elements from the cover art, though it is likely that they’ll be used for the inside of the book. They intend to use the black and white version for the front cover, because it is going to be used to map out for reflective gold or silver finish, which is going to look extremely pretty with the art. The font it is based around was by their request, and was really fun to work with (and also against, haha). 

The base font is Mael. The theme of the anthology are reworked fairy tales based around female protagonists - very strong females who don’t take no bullshit. With Isa’s amazing artwork, which you’ll see later, I was strongly reminded of the Book of Kells and the gorgeous Celtic calligraphy that’s in it. It’s strong, yet highly complex, and that’s what this anthology is. Mael fits the artwork extremely well, and Ran took this to the next level with her amazing work.

I am MAD PUMPED for Valor.

Get pumped, kids!


Go on and check out today’s Take off!


Go on and check out today’s Take off!