Tuesday, January 29, 2013
I was extremely descriptive with my expletives

I was extremely descriptive with my expletives


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    D-do they have those in Virginia, do you know? We have an art supply store that’s not Michael’s, but it’s still so...
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  7. davidjcutler said: Sakura 0.1-0.3 markers are at Curry’s for like 2.79 each, you fool. Just buy individually, those pen packs are a scam anyway. You’ll never need a 0.7 for anything. Anything above a 0.5 that isn’t brush shaped is useless. Michaels boo.
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    If I don’t need the pen/sketchbook/marker/paint/whatever right away, I buy online… but, if you need stuff *NOW*...
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    You could also buy online on amazon or Jetpens (Then again, Jetpens can get expensive and is better for very specific,...
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    Curry’s is cheaper I find. I got 5 pens for about 20$
  11. combotron said: I’m glad you took full advantage of that! Michaels always weirds me out with it’s crazy markup.
  12. faitherinhicks said: Dude, don’t buy anything art-related at Michaels! Their prices are insane! I saw ink I buy at Deserres for TWICE the price at Michaels, and the pens are incredibly expensive. Srsly, that place suuuucks.
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